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We pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to the fire risk assessment (FRA) process. We believe that by providing a high-quality FRA our clients are then able to make better business decisions, without compromising life safety.

We work on the principle that every building and operating environment is unique. We build a risk profile by looking at a building’s age, size, structure, complexity, occupancy and the business activity to ensure that our FRAs are comprehensive and fit for purpose. We have incorporated the nationally-recognised PAS 79 guidance within our FRA questionnaires.

Many of our clients have a mixed property portfolio and manage multiple risks. The software we use to carry out our assessments is designed with our clients in mind. Not only does the software assist in producing high-quality assessments, which are concise and easy to read; it can be adapted for each client and helps manage complex workflows and large volumes of data. Providing clients with the ability to automate many of their administrative processes, instant visibility of progress and real-time management information is invaluable.

Our approach to carrying out FRAs is systematic and thorough. We check all areas of a building, including restricted and prohibited areas (for example, voids, service cupboards, basement and roof spaces), as well as all fire-related paperwork such as service contracts, evacuation plans, maintenance reports and training records.

Our reports identify and prioritise all significant findings where remedial action is required to reduce or mitigate fire risk and improve fire safety. All significant findings are identified, prioritised and cross-referenced with digital photographs for clarity.

We use a clear rating scale to highlight areas of concern; the overall risk of the property and any safety critical issues are always addressed when we are on-site with the relevant responsible person.

We’ve just had a fire safety inspection from the local authority and the Inspecting Officer said the fire risk assessment report was the best he had ever seen.
Property Manager, Hestia Housing
Institution of Fire Engineers - International Organisation for Fire Professionals

IFE Accreditation

The IFE assessor accreditation and company affiliation is a professional endorsement of knowledge, competence and expertise in fire safety. It is an internationally recognised accreditation, which offers our clients quality assurance and peace of mind.

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